HD Performance Training in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas

HD Performance Training in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas

Philosophy of HD with Black and White Baseball

Located on site at Black & White Baseball, HD Performance is a different way to produce speed and strength at a very rapid rate. HD Performance focuses on the key aspects of the athlete that limits them to perform to the best of their ability. When these restrictions are apprehended , results come at a much greater rate.

HD Performance is not sports-specific performance facility. We are an athlete specific facility which builds programs based around the athletes needs to see a rapid improvement in their athletic ability.

What We Do:

What We Do:

1 ) HDP uses different variations of movements that have been developed world wide, to help ensure speed and strength training abilities

2) HDP is able to take any athlete of any athletic ability and see rapid results in their performance due to correcting the movement restrictions with distinct movements and mobility exercises

Here at HD Performance we take training to the next level for all ages. We give athletes the opportunity to reach their goals to which wherever they may be!

Programs & Packages


* This package is 1 on 1 training with our head trainer with a designated time slot, which will have been pre arranged. The athlete will receive a personalized program that is developed based off an evaluation conducted by the head trainer. The programs are then built geared towards the athlete to achieve athletic excellence.


* This package is built for a small group setting of 3- 6 athletes at a time in the designated time slot. These athletes will receive a group program, after a completion of a small group evaluation. The program built will be geared towards making them better athletes along with challenging one another to be best athlete they can be.


* This is a package that allows HD Performance to come to you! Our trainer will come to the designated location as requested and challenge the athletes in a speed and agility / strength and conditioning circuit. These training sessions are movement based training sessions that benefit any team of any size.


Monthly Payments

- Individual Training

* 1x per week - $200
* 2x per week - $320
* UNLIMITED per week - $400

- Group Training ( 3- 6 Athletes )

* 1x per week - $80 per person - per month
* 2x per week - $95 per person - per month
* 3x per week - $125 per person - per month
* UNLIMITED per week - $150 per person - per month

- Off Site Team Training ( 10+ Athletes )

* 1x per week - $450
* 2x per week - $700